San Leandro LeTip is a professional job networking organization. We meet every Thursday morning to share job and sales leads with each other. Each week two members will  “Showboat” That is when you share a table with samples, brochures or such that tells about your business. They would get two minutes to tell the group what their presentation is all about. We also have two “Speakers” each week. On rotation with all members, the Speaker gives a 10 minute presentation about what they do and what their perfect Tip would be.

All this while enjoying a nice breakfast and networking with members and guests. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, at this time we are meeting via zoom. It is our policy to also to participate in community service and charities. San Leandro LeTip is also a long standing member of the San Leandro Chamber.

LeTip does require a paid membership. LeTip is unique in that one and only one member is allowed to represent a certain job category. We do require that you be knowledgable and professional in your field. We do require that you attend every Thursday morning.

Because of the Pandemic, San Leandro Le Tip has been meeting via zoom.com. We still meet at 7 AM every Thursday morning. Contact us if you would like an invite.